Monday, June 9, 2008

Speaker Pelosi,

Madam Speaker,

I am watching and listening to Rep -Ohio Dennis Kucinich read out his 47-count resolution to impeach President Bush.

I demand that you bring this to the house for vote until it passes! Failure to follow your oath to protect the Constitution would make you complicit in his crimes when he is finally investigated.

Do it today or tomorrow. We have wasted too much time with any other sensibilities. NOW PELOSI. Your people demand it of you!

Uphold The Rule Of Law !

Uphold The Constitution !

Please,Please Do Your Job !

What Are You Waiting For ?

Do You Care Nothing For Our Constitution ?

Your Just Going To Be A Black Mark In History

Because You Were More Worried About Re-Elections

Than The Constitution And The Rule Of Law !

Please,Please Take Up The Impeachment Of President Bush In The House Now !

Thank you,M..A Democrat..

Thanks Fernando. :)

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