Saturday, June 14, 2008

Speaker Pelosi Are You Colluding ?

Speaker Pelosi,

The leadership knew and were complicit in the illegal/unconstitutional behavior.

That sentence in bold explains everything.

Did Pelosi and Reid give Bush their OK for his crimes?

Why else would they not want his crimes exposed?

Rumor has it Bush can't pardon anyone if impeachment is underway,
so maybe Pelosi and Reid might need a pardon when the truth comes out?

Is that why Pelosi is protecting Bush?
What's the Truth Speaker Pelosi ?

Is this collusion ?

It Sure looks Like It !

Because Your Excuse of not wanting it to be a diversion from what Congress is trying to accomplish and That it's Divisive Just Doesn't Cut It !

With Republican Obstructionism You Guys Can't Get Anything Accomplished Anyways..

Again,What Is The Truth Speaker Pelosi ?

What Is The Real Reason You Won't Put Impeachment Back On The Table ?

Millions Of Americans Want to Know Why !

As An American And A Democrat I Want To Know Why Too !

Because I Totally Disagree With Your Opinion !

Tell Us The Truth !
The American People Are Very Forgiving !

Please At The Very Least Start Investigations !

Because If You Don't Think That The President Bush and Vice President Cheney Have Not Broken The Law and Circumvented The Constitution..
You Ought To Just Hang It Up and Resign..

All Your Doing Is Creating A Precedent !

Please For Gods Sake Start:

Upholding The Constitution !
Uphold The Rule Of Law !

Because You Surely Are Not Now Or In The Past Done These Two Things !

Hoping For A Response..

Thank you,M..A Democrat..

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