Monday, June 2, 2008

Pelosi & That Impeachment Thang !

Speaker Pelosi,

The President Committed Treason When It Comes To The Plame Affair..

Why In The World Won't You Put Impeachment Back On The Table ? !

At The Very Least,Start Impeachment Hearings !

Isn't A Big Part Of Your Job to
Uphold The Rule Of Law
To Uphold The Constitution ? ?

Thank you,M..A Democrat..


  1. When Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, she actually took the Constitution off the table!

    Look at the fix the Legislators are in right now: Bush/Rove havr deeply corrupted the Department of Justice; even the 'new' (but not much different from Alberto Gonzales) attorney general MUKASEY is refusing to meet Congress' request for contempt citations to those who refuse to appear at hearings under subpoena. When I heard Randi Rhodes interview Rep. Wexler (if I'm recalling correctly), he said it isn't clear if Congress gave away their own ability to force summoned individual to appear at hearings, etc., using the sergeant of arms or whatever. Clearly, the only and best tool the Houses of Congress have for balancing out of control power IS impeachment.

    Impeachment is the tool Congress is empowered by the Constitution to use to check crimes or tyranny in either the Executive Branch OR the Judicial Branch. It is dereliction of duty when it's use is blocked.

    Also I am concerned that the Bush/Rove corruption of the Department of Justice has led to a complete intimidation of Governors of the states. Bush's policies have led to the depletion of National Guard forces and equipment (and, because of repeat deployments, the pool of skilled individuals in security, fire and emergency services that each state used to draw from has become depleted as well). When Bush wiped out "posse comitatus", which was the prohibition against sending federal troops into states and firing on citizens, I truly expected the Governors to make a major protest, even to the point of initiating a call for the impeachment process from the state level. But then the Alabama Governor Dan Siegelman injustice became better known. Is the hellish nightmare of Siegelman's predicament just what 49 other governors don't want happening to THEM????? Have the intimidation and lies against Governor Siegelman been used deliberately to SHUT UP other governors at a time when they may have made a call for justice and relief from Usurper Bush's ABUSE OF POWER?

    Congress MUST move to get the ship-of-state on an even keel or Bush will capsize us!

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  3. It is time to


  4. It time to
    Take Pelosi Off The Table.

  5. I agree with you both 100% !