Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Senator Dodd,(Concerning The FISA Bill & Your Filibuster)

Senator Dodd,

I just wanted to Thank you for all that you are trying to do to Stop The FISA Bill !

I like to call the bill,The 4th Amendment/Immunity Giveaway Bill..

I supported you for President..

This Country Needs More Real Patriot's Like You In Congress !

If you don't become Obama's VP, I Sure Hope You Become The New Democrat Majority Leader In Congress !

Sorry but,Harry Reid is Pathetic !

Again,Thank you very much for your Great work !

Keep it up !

Thank you,M..A Democrat..

Ps.I hope you get this email..
Because I'm not a constituent of yours I'm worried you or your staff won't even see this..
But,I had to try..

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