Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Remember Media consolidation ? Corporate media lies to us every day..If you don't think so,just watch this video..A big part of a big problem for our country..Thx..


Sunday, July 14, 2013

‎TexasDPS‬ troopers attacked a peaceful, nonviolent sit in against omnibus ‪#‎abortion‬, anti-choice, anti-life legislation.





Those Tax & Spend Republicans..

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There has to be a way to both protect our country & to protect our rights & constitution..


I just hope that comes sooner rather than later..

Just saying..


The Right’s Made-up ‘Constitution’


July 6, 2013

For Tea Partiers and libertarians, it is an article of faith that the Constitution tightly constrained the federal government and gave broad powers to the states. But that is bogus history — mere propaganda — and suggests that the Right’s rank-and-file has never read or understood the document, says historian Jada Thacker.

By Jada Thacker

The Cato Institute’s Handbook for Policy Makers says, “The American system was established to provide limited government.” The American Enterprise Institute states its purpose to “defend the principles” of “limited government.” The Heritage Foundation claims its mission is to promote “principles of … limited government.” A multitude of Tea Party associations follow suit.

At first glance the concept of “limited government” seems like a no-brainer. Everybody believes the power of government should be limited somehow. All those who think totalitarianism is a good idea raise your hand. But there is one problem with the ultra-conservatives’ “limited government” program: it is wrong. It is not just a little bit wrong, but demonstrably false. Con't..

Friday, July 5, 2013



You could create 700,000 good jobs by just turning off the sequester, dorks.



Murdoch belittled British police in secret recording by staff


July 4,2013

By Kate Holton and Emmaline Okafor LONDON (Reuters)

 Rupert Murdoch belittled a British police inquiry into bribes allegedly paid by his journalists in a secret recording made by his staff, in sharp contrast to the profuse public apologies he made to defuse anger at news gathering practices.

Murdoch told staff at his Sun tabloid in a private meeting in March that he had been wrong to help the police investigation into tactics he said reporters had used for decades, and promised unspecified support to reporters snared by the inquiry.