Thursday, November 29, 2007

California GOP Faces Debt, Layoffs, While Rudy Backers Pour Money into Initiative That Could Hand Him the Presidency

An Effort to Get a Similar Initiative on the Ballot Failed Last Month When It Was Revealed That Its Sole Financial Backer Was a Rudy Campaign Chair
Guest blogged by Jon Ponder, Pensito Review.

"I don't know how to sugarcoat this," a state party official wrote in the e-mail. The party "is going through a very fiscally challenging period."
Fundraising is down dramatically nationwide for the Republican Party, but things are especially bad here in California, where the state GOP is in such dire straits that its ability to compete in both state and federal races could be affected.

But while the state party is cutting programs and considering layoffs, hundreds of thousands of dollars are flowing in from out-of-state fatcat supporters of Rudy Giuliani --- funds the state GOP can't touch because they are earmarked specifically to promote a ballot initiative that would, if passed, would give Rudy 20 or so of the state's 55 Electoral College Votes, even if he loses the state to the Democratic candidate.
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Salt Lake Officials Urging Voters to NOT Come to Polls in Wake of Disastrous Move to Touch-Screen Voting

Fear 'Train Wreck' in Upcoming Presidential Primary Election as Cost of Move to Electronic Voting Translates to 40% Fewer Voting Booths...
Blogged by Brad Friedman from the Kansas/Colorado border...

Salt Lake City Weekly covers the state's recent electoral woes in the wake of moving to Diebold touch-screen voting machines. They even use a word we reference often here at The BRAD BLOG in regard to upcoming elections: "train wreck".
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Court orders Bush administration to disclose telecom lobbying ties. What about senators?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has won another significant legal battle, as a federal judge in California yesterday ordered the Bush administration (.pdf) to comply with EFF's FOIA demand and disclose documents revealing its "communications with telecommunications carriers and members of Congress" regarding efforts to amend FISA and provide amnesty to telecoms. Better still, the court imposed an extremely quick deadline for release of these documents -- December 10 -- so that "the public may participate in the debate over the pending legislation on an informed basis."

Regarding new Bin Laden tape

Just Amazing how it's coming out as Congress is trying to finish New FISA Bill !
Not !

Anon Itch !

Anon/Troll Itch !

Virginia GOP Loyalty Oath!

Something to do with having Shat or,willing to Shat on The Constitution !

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

Virginia GOP Gets Strict on Voting

Demand for Loyalty Pledge at Primary Targets Crossovers, Independents

By Tim Craig and Anita Kumar
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, November 29, 2007.

The prospect of turning away voters for refusing to sign the loyalty pledge has become fodder for Democrats, who said it's another sign that the state GOP is out of touch with Virginia's large bloc of independent-minded voters. The Democrats do not plan to ask voters to sign a similar pledge.

"It's a slap in the face to voters, saying, 'We don't trust you,' " said C. Richard Cranwell, chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party. "It's not surprising the Republican Party doesn't trust the voters."
Hell the Rethugs have been voting for Independence candidates for years,in primaries !
Anyone remember them voting and,giving money to Ralph Nader ?!

Just more Rethug Hypocrisy !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I had the strangest dream

Submitted by ICEKNIFE on Tue, 11/20/2007 - 5:22am.

George Bush died, and was greeted on the other side by thousands of children. Most were blown up, shot, and otherwise mangled horribly, but one in particular caught his eye as he gaped in abject horror. She was caucasian, tiny, and so very thin... but somehow he knew it was her, his little sister Robin, who died of leukemia at age three.

He reached out to her, cried out to her, "forgive me..." his despair was palpable and hung in the air between them, an invisible yet impenetrable wall seperating his darkness from her light.

She looked at him sadly, and whispered "I forgive you, George - but it's not enough. It can't help you now." The entire group was standing stock still - yet somehow, they seemed to drift up and away from him.

"Robin, wait, don't leave me. I... I... I'm afraid! Afraid of the dark!" George's terror made him a genuine object of pity. "You can't go where we're going, George. You took the darkness into you long ago. I'm sorry, but you know you were supposed to be MY big brother, not Orwell's. Goodbye George" her words faded while sight of the children faded for him as well.

He thought he could master the fear that clawed at his soul, was sure of it, until.... he felt the claws, talons, tentacles, and other appendages made of shadow reaching for him, reaching into him, draging him down. He screamed, but made no sound. He's still screaming, and will now scream silently for all eternity.

I woke up feeling, well, *cleaner* somehow, as if made whole by the comforting certainty that time clears the way of all detritus, all lies, all waste, and remakes the world anew.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Homeland Security Links 9/11 Truthers to Taliban

This is crazy!!I hate the Taliban and,I'm not sure about 9/11 either way..But,Free speech,dissent and,not believing everything your told use to be a big part of being a American..
What is happening to this country? Very Scary !
The Department of Homeland Security has taken a dangerous step towards punishing anyone who questions the government!

by Barbara Peterson

Do you remember when Bush Jr. said, “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”? Well, he meant it. Homeland Security’s sub-committee on terrorism risk assessment convened a hearing on 11-06-2007 to discuss “using the Web as a weapon – the Internet as a tool for violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism.” In a video of this meeting, which was last aired by C-Span on 11-12-2007, members of the sub-committee clearly pointed to Internet sites that question the legitimacy of the official 9/11 story as tools for recruiting terrorists.

One of these “media portals” displayed in the Power Point presentation is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. This site is sandwiched between a Taliban training manual, and several Taliban recruitment sites showing how to make bombs, take captives, and blow buildings up.

By portraying sites such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as terrorist recruitment organizations, the Department of Homeland Security has taken a dangerous step towards punishing anyone who questions the government. If you go to the A&E Website, you will see that it is a group of “ 212 architectural and engineering professionals and 518 other supporters including A/E students who have demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation of the collapse of the WTC buildings.” Their mission statement is, “To research and to disseminate the truth of the 9/11 “collapses” of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings to every architect and engineer.” I cannot find any indication that this site promotes terrorism, much less recruits terrorists for the Taliban, yet the Department of Homeland Security has taken the stance that the site is “intended to recruit or inflame the emotions” (Weitzman, M.), and lumps it in with sites disseminating the Taliban Training Manual, and advocating suicide bombings.

If all Websites that disagree with the official government explanation of the collapse of the WTC towers is placed on a list of suspected terrorist Websites, what is next? Like Bush Jr. stated: “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Friday, November 9, 2007

Speaking of Trolls....


I'm for Banning the little shit disturbers!
Not nic them up!

What's the old saying?
You can always dress up a pig but,they're still a pig !
Something like that..

Trolly On The Road ! Or,War Puppy !

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wimps Driving The Bus !

Lately, Chris Dodd has shown some bravery but that is just a drop of rain in the middle of a severe draught..

Assimilated Press.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dear Speaker,Congresswoman and,Judiciary Member,

Dear Speaker,Congresswoman and,Judiciary Member,

I am alarmed at the numerous illegal actions by the Bush/Cheney administration, including the issuing of hundreds of “signing statements”, their warrantless spying, torture and extraordinary rendition of prisoners, suspension of habeas corpus, the compromise of a covert CIA agent, defiance of both the United Nations and the Geneva conventions, - and apparent lying in regards to all of the above, as well as many other serious issues.

With eighteen months remaining in which this rogue administration can do further grave harm to the nation, harm which even a future administration may be unable to right, I believe that action must be taken.

Because these illegal actions constitute an assault on the U.S. Constitution, and because of the administration’s refusal to respect Congress, the separation of powers or the rule of law, I believe that the only recourse is impeachment and removal of the President, Vice President and Attorney General.

I am writing to point out that, when you were sworn into office, you took an oath to defend the United States and its Constitution. I believe that the current, ongoing crisis compels you to act to uphold that oath, and that you are required to use your assigned powers and take all appropriate steps to defend against these threats to our nation and its system of government.

I wish to further specify that these issues, the defense of America, and any means used to halt these assaults, including impeachment, are non partisan, and should not be dictated by political expediency or strategy regarding elections, etc.

I again remind you that your oath makes it your duty to act in this matter, and to do so in the strongest possible way. I recommend that you do so by joining with the 85 cities that have approved resolutions calling for the investigation and impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Thank you.

..A Democrat..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Latest to Feinstein..First to Schumer..


And you call yourself a Democrat!?

You vote For Mukasey?

The same guy who won't say if waterboarding is torture!
Because if he Tells The Truth,somebody who broke The Law might have to go to jail!
Not with you Moron's running the show!

The Bush Administration is Breaking The Law Left,and Right and you Morons just keep enabling them!

Your Job Is To Uphold The Constitution!!
Your Job Is To Uphold The Rule Of Law!!

The Democratic Leadership That is Suppose To Stop The Lawlessness,Just Caves In At EVERY Turn!

History Will Show that This Democratic Majority Congress As Probably The Weakest,and Spineless In History!

Your Helping To Ruin This Country With Your Weak,and Spineless Leadership!


Just More Spineless Weak Democratic Leadership!!

Thank you,.A Democrat..

Ps.A smart man recently wrote:

If they will vote for Mukasey simply because he's the best we're going to get, why bother to hold the hearings. Seriously, why ask if waterboarding is torture if a non answer will suffice and meet the requirement for confirmation? Who was this show for?