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Time to End the Neocon Con Game

By Bruce P. Cameron
December 17, 2009

As Washington’s long debate on the Afghan war unfolded, one group had an unhealthy advantage though – based on its record – it should have had no influence at all. These are the neoconservatives, and they have captured The Washington Post’s editorial pages along with other outlets of elite opinion.

Over the past three decades, the neocons have carved this important place for themselves in Washington by purporting to stand for liberal values, such as democracy and human rights, while using those worthy goals to justify the frequent use of military force.

For the neocons, war also is not just a last-resort option. Rather, it is how they have gained – and how they maintain – their prominence. When the United States is at peace – or without a war looming – the neocons are at a loss.

(Of course, one of the signature characteristics of the neocons is that few have served in the military next to the soldiers whose blood the neocons so reflexively are willing to spill as a “solution” to nearly any problem. As elite intellectuals, the neocons view soldiers from inner-city or small-town America as expendable for the grander cause.)

What the neocons do excel at is the internal Washington policy debate. They are well-schooled and self-assured; they are fierce debaters; they understand media; and they don’t hesitate to question the patriotism or toughness of anyone who disagrees with them.

On the Iraq War, the neocons were the ones who gave inspiration to two of their own, L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer, head of the occupation, and Douglas Feith, Under Secretary for Policy in the Defense Department, who was responsible for day-to-day Pentagon operations in Iraq in 2003.

In eight days – after the U.S. invading force had ousted Saddam Hussein’s government – Bremer and Feith changed the whole tenor of the occupation from a quick get-in and get-out to a complex nation-building scheme that was designed to bring free-market “democracy” to Iraq.

Bremer and Feith did this by abolishing the Iraqi army and the civilian bureaucracy, thereby placing American solders in the middle of a Sunni insurgency that followed soon afterwards.


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Palin = What A Tool..


"It took years for Alaska to achieve victory. As governor, I directed our attorney general to write
an amicus brief in the case, and, thanks to Alaska's able attorneys arguing in front of the Supreme
Court, that ruled in favor of the people. Finally, Alaskans could recover some of their losses."

-- Sarah Palin, taking credit for bringing down Exxon, Link


"That is the most cockamamie bullshit. She didn't have a
damn thing to do with it, and she didn't know what it was about."

-- Dave Oesting of Anchorage, the lead plaintiff attorney in the private litigants' civil case against Exxon,
on Sarah Palin's account of the lawsuit against Exxon over the 1989 Valdez disaster, Link

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"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

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Former US diplomat could make ‘hundreds of millions’ off Iraqi oil fields | Raw Story


Former US diplomat could make ‘hundreds of millions’ off Iraqi oil fields | Raw Story

Thanks ToniD.. :)

You didn't get mad,Tea Baggers..

You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

You didn't get mad when VP Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy Policy.

You didn't get mad when a covert CIA Operative was revealed.

You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act was passed.

You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded Iraq looking for WMD'S that didn't exist.

You didn't get mad when we spent over 600 Billion dollars(and counting) on Iraq War.

You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq.

You didn't get mad when Bush was illegally wiretapping us at home and work.

You didn't get mad when Bush borrowed money to give to the oil companies.

You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden.

You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible Conditions at Walter Reed.

You didn't get mad when we let New Orleans drown.

You didn't get mad when Bush got 4,500 soldiers killed.

You didn't get mad when the deficit hit the trillion dollar mark.

You finally got mad when---- The government decided that people in America
deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick.

Illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, giving your tax dollars to super-rich, are all OK with you?
But helping other Americans is the last straw?

Seven presidents have tried to pass a Health Care Plan of some sort and
have failed. None have had the "hate filled" opposition of this president.


"Can you hear me?"

"Obama took our America - We want it back!"


"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

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Balloon Boy's,Dad ?


Art Bell - Area 51 Call

The Biggest Douchenozzle ?
Well,he's definitely in the running..

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Hell No,He Won't Go !

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Sorry,I should have done this earlier..My bad..


* Direct link to "WTF with Marc Maron" *

Click on Marc

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I had nothing to do with that..No biggie for me..
Just as long as all the folks that came here,Clicked on Marc's "WTF with Marc Maron" Logo,over on
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That would have gotten them to Marc's "WTF" site..
I emailed the Bartcop when I figured it out,letting him know that I think he put up the wrong link at
his place..But,it's still up..Again,no biggie..
I just hope that everyone made it to Marc's new site..

Bartcop & Marc Maron are very cool & funny,so keep checking them out ! :)


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HaHa !

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This just in to the News Desk:

An archeological team, digging in Washington DC,
has uncovered 10,000 year old fossil remains
of what is believed to be the first Republican.


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Our Media Need a Fair and Balanced Doctrine

By Brad Friedman, Commonweal Institute. Posted October 14, 2009.

Without freedom of the airwaves, there is no freedom of the press.

Just minutes after noon, on January 20, 2009, "hope" arrived for Constitutionalists and supporters of its First Amendment. A slight, little-noticed, but exceedingly noteworthy paragraph appeared on the new Administration's White House website "Technology" page.

"Encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media," the paragraph began, "promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum."

After more than a decade of private corporatization of virtually every inch of bandwidth across the public airwaves, a new day seemed to be dawning with a new Administration's indication that they might reverse years of cynical, self-serving mismanagement of the people's airwaves by a few, very large, very far-right leaning corporations who had been granted priceless government largesse in the form of broadcast licenses without the responsibility of serving the public interest in exchange.

"Hope" would be short lived. By summer, the paragraph had been quietly excised from the White House website without a trace, apology or even an explanation.

The rightwing-dominated media's War Against Restoration of the Fairness Doctrine had been won before those who might have joined the battle were even aware there had been a first skirmish.

For months following Obama's election, the rightwing media had used the public airwaves to combat what they had contended was a devious "Liberal plan" to stifle "conservative" opinion on them. The Democrats, we were told, had planned to remove voices such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage and the nearly endless cadre of rightwing Republicanists from the airwaves. Never mind there was never any such plan, no matter how much progressives might have liked to bring back diversity of opinion -- fairness and balance, if you will -- to the public's airwaves.

A fair and balanced discussion of unfair and unbalanced rightwing corporate domination of the media is difficult to wage across a rightwing corporate-dominated media. So, it seems, the new stewards of the public's own airwaves -- the Executive Branch -- decided it was largely easier to quit than to fight. Once again, the only industry specifically recognized by explicit guarantees in the U.S. Constitution would go unprotected again. The corporate masters of that industry would have free reign, while the values meant to be protected by our founders would continue to disappear, nearly as quickly as a paragraph on Obama's White House website.

Freedom of the press would continue instead as freedom for America's wealthiest corporations to dominate it to their own self-serving advantage, for the foreseeable future.

Con't -

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

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Reform Killing, Oligarchic Senate Still ‘Treasonous’ After All These Years by Robert S. Becker

By Robert S. Becker
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad

Where are our gutsy muckrakers of yesteryear? In a stunning 1906 Cosmopolitan expose, journalist David Graham Phillips made history with his headline, “The Treason of the Senate.” He then justified his condemnation of mercenary senators, in that era cherrypicked by states and owned by nefarious Trusts: Treason is a strong word, but not too strong, rather too weak, to characterize the situation in which the Senate is the eager, resourceful, indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be.

By 1914, the 17th Amendment mandated senators be popularly elected but, judging by today’s unevolved results, we have hardly salvaged one of the Founders’ blunders. The American replica of the House of Lords, our least democratic, least representative organ, lives on, still oppressive after all these years.

You’d think franchising ex-slave descendants, non-land-owning men and wise women would save us. Yet our pretend elections, especially where counting votes tests southern I.Q’s, only cloud our version of 1906-style corruption. We actually pay senators from, say, Oklahoma as dumb as posts, ignorant of science, economics and history, easy pickings for modern “trusts” run by smarter executives. Beyond the energy, mining, banking and endless war cartels, robber barons of health will spend $400 million fighting reform just this year, on top of $50 million channeled to Senate Finance committee members. None dare call that treason but good business.

This Senate, Literally “Council of Old Men”

Modern misconduct invokes not just 1906 but Roman history and the root for “senate” – from the Latin, “senex,” old man, as in senior, seniority, and senility. Toadying to entrenched authority, and including only handpicked, aged patricians enlisted for life, early Roman senates did the bidding of kings. 2500 years later, our least enlightened senators honor this history: feckless, impregnable lifers beholden to masters of the economic universe.

Until we reform the Senate, via election, outrage and amendment, forget strong systemic reform that reverses our hastening slide. Pogo aside, the enemy is “them” – “indefatigable,” moneyed interests “hostile” to America’s future. The log jam is not public opinion, the House, the White House, nor deranged rightwingers full of sound and fury – not even Senate Republican blowhards, despite bad faith fictions that poison debate. The current enemy, treasonous to good government and rationality, are Senate DINOs – Democrats in name only.

Just what our Bush-bludgeoned republic needs: mercenary, intellectually senile “councils of old men” who shudder at the tamest “public option” reforms – thus holding all hostage. That’s only Democrats: throw in GOP primitives – Inhofe (OK), DeMint (SC), Bunning (KY), Sessions (AL), Shelby (AL), and Cornyn (TX) – and we’re shamed by this House full of Lords who demagogue sham heresies: a duly-elected, “colored” president, evolution, stem cell research, democratic health care, global warming, or negotiation with unconquerable foes. None call that intellectual treason?

Con't - Dandelion Salad

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Bill O'Reilly - documented sex freak


Happy anniversary, Bill O'Reilly! On this date five years ago, the sex freak was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit
brimming with lurid details about vibrators, phone sex, threesomes, masturbation, Caribbean shower fantasies,
a Thai sex show, falafel, stewardess trysts, vehicular coupling, and Al Franken.

ha ha

The New York State Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Andrea Mackris, a former Fox News producer, quoted O'Reilly
verbatim and at length, leaving readers to believe that the TV star's dirty soliloquies were surreptitiously recorded
(an impression reinforced when the lawsuit was settled within two weeks).

A copy of Mackris's complaint, drafted by lawyer Benedict Morelli, can be found below. Time has not robbed the document
of any of its entertainment value. It is unknown how the litigants will mark today's anniversary, though were it a marriage,
tradition would call for gifts of wood. But we'd wager that the volcanic O'Reilly, 60, is still incensed about writing that hefty check.

Al Franken is anti-rape.

If O'Reilly hates Franken, O'Reilly must be pro-rape.


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Standup - Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron live at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Recorded live on August 15, 2009.

Marc Maron's website:

Standup - Marc Maron from Troy Conrad on Vimeo.

Some Good Advice..

If the light stays on for more than 4 hours,
call your erectrician.


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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

SAFETY ALERT: If you are in danger, please call 911, your local hotline, or (in the U.S.) the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 or
TTY 1-800-787-3224. Please review these safety tips

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The joint Post/Obama defense of the Patriot Act and FISA

Glenn Greenwald @

(updated below - Update II)

The Washington Post's Anne Kornblut today produces an extreme piece of government-serving, stenographic "journalism," publishing a dubious administration press release masquerading as a lengthy news article on Obama's approach to Terrorism and civil liberties. The Post depicts Obama as heavily and heroically engaged in disrupting the alleged Najibullah Zazi domestic terrorist plot and -- repeatedly highlighting that success -- claims "the White House has been charting a delicate course as it attempts to turn the page on Bush-era anti-terrorism policies," whereby "the Obama administration is increasingly confident that it has struck a balance between protecting civil liberties, honoring international law and safeguarding the country." Here are all of Kornblut's cited sources for the article -- every last one of them -- in the order she cites them:

Obama aides pointed . . . administration officials said . . . a senior administration official said . . . officials said . . . a senior administration official said . . . senior Obama officials stressed . . . a senior administration official said . . . aides said . . . officials said . . . one senior administration official said. . . . one senior official said. . . . The official said . . . a senior administration official said . . . a senior administration official said . . . administration officials said . . . . a senior official said.

Not a single named person is cited, and there's not a syllable of quoted dissent in any of it. Virtually every sentence in the long article does nothing but praise Obama and depict him as stalwartly safeguarding America's civil liberties (unlike Bush did) even as he protects us from the dangerous Terrorists, so why is anonymity needed for that? It's nothing more than what Robert Gibbs is eager to say every day. Nor is there a hint of who these officials are, what the basis is of their knowledge, or why The Post granted anonymity, all of which are flagrant violations of the Post's own so-called "anonymity rules," which its own Ombudsman -- just six weeks ago -- complained are "routinely ignored":


"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

Call on A.G. Holder to Launch a Full-Scale Investigation of the "Torture Memos" * Action *

Alliance for Justice

Call on Attorney General Eric Holder to uphold the Constitution and the law by releasing the OPR report and authorizing a full investigation of those who ordered, designed, and justified torture. Only then can the nation truly move forward.

Please check out petition and Take Action..

Thank you..

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Rahm to negotiate for WH in Conference! If you wanna kill the PO you gotta do it yourself

by MinistryOfTruth -

Rahm to negotiate for WH in Conference! If you wanna kill the PO you gotta do it yourself

Wed Oct 07, 2009 at 05:50:20 AM PDT

you missed the last two nights of Countdown with Keith Olbermann you missed a lot of new details in the Health care Reform debate, and I don't want to sound bleak, but things do not look good. The main points are these.

Wendel Potter: "If there's not a public option, the plan that is passed, if it's passed and signed by the President, will not be sustainable. And it ultimately will be a disaster for the middle class and ultimately be a disaster for the Democratic party . . .


"We'll be paying a lot more out of our own pockets. We'll have the appearance of being able to afford premiums but we won't be able to afford health care. That can not be sustained."

You can watch the video here
(Sorry but,you have to scroll on the video's and look for Wendel Potter..)

And then there is the news that Rahm Emanuel will be representing the White House in the presumably upcoming Houuse-Senate Conference committee. Thus the title "If you wanna kill the (Public Option) you gotta do it yourself.

More below the fold, and it ain't pretty, with a call for action that puts it all on the line.

MinistryOfTruth's diary :: :: With Rahm "Anything that looks like a win is a win" Emanuel in charge we are totally screwed unless we get a triggerless Public Option out of the Senate before Conference. This means we have to pressure the Senate with everything we have got in order to make sure the give us Competition instead of force feeding us to the monopolies that caused this whole disaster.

Sadly, that isn't the worst news, nor is the news brought to us by Mr. Potter.

From Mad As Hell Doctors comes this disheartening truth from Paul Hochfeld, who reported the following on Monday Night's edition of Countdown.

Hochfeld: "The public plan option that we are gonna get from this Congress, since it's basically written by the industry, using our legislators, is designed to fail, it's designed to attract the sickest, most expensive patients, and that's called adverse selection, and adverse selection is the death knell to any insurance company, and the public plan is just another insurance company."
"So, after it comes online in 2013 and it starts to fail in 2016, at which point we're spending, what, 20% of our GNP on health care, the industry's going to look at this designed to fail public option and say "See, the Government can't do health care". And it'll be the wrong lesson. The Government CAN do health care . . . "

Con't - And,with Video

Thanks to ghettodefender.. :)

Republican Legislators Continue Efforts To Slow Net Neutrality Regs

Calling for a "market analysis" before proposing any network neutrality regulations

By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 10/5/2009

Republican legislators continued their campaign Monday to put the brakes on network neutrality regs.

In the latest missive from Republicans concerned about codifying and expanding FCC network openness guidelines, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), the ranking member on the House Communications Subcommittee joined by a dozen and a half House Energy & Commerce Committee Republicans wrote FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Monday calling for a "market analysis" before proposing any network neutrality regulations.

That would require delaying an Oct. 22 proposal already penciled onto the FCC's public meeting agenda since that proposal is to expand and codify the guidelines.

They want the FCC to identify specific practices they believe warrant "regulatory intervention," saying that the possibility of discrimination should not be a sufficient trigger.



Save the Internet!

Chamber Of Commerce Gets What It Wants On Tax Dodger Ban From Senate Committee

The Huffington Post-Authur Delaney

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbied for the Senate Appropriations Committee to weaken a ban on government contracts with "inverted corporations," reports The Hill on Wednesday. Inverted corporations are domestic companies that set up nominal overseas headquarters to dodge U.S. taxes.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group raised hell about "a big corporate loophole" that found its way into the Senate version of an appropriations bill. The offending language says that the ban on contracts for inverted corporations "shall not apply to the extent that it is inconsistent with the United States obligations under an international agreement."

U.S. PIRG points out that many known tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands, are parties to international agreements that could exempt companies "based" there from the ban. The Chamber of Commerce says, "We don't want to be violating trade agreements."

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) had no problem with the new language in the bill. Back in 2002, she had some very strong words about inverted corporations. FromThe Hill:

"These companies create phony foreign headquarters in a file folder or a mailbox to escape taxes and then use other people's taxes to turn a profit," Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said at the time.

Collins, the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that considered the spending bill with the proposed limit on the ban, said Tuesday that she didn't think the new language would make it easy for companies to circumvent the law and escape taxation.

*Seven of Collins's top 20 campaign contributors have a combined 437 subsidiaries in countries listed as tax havens or "financial privacy jurisdictions" in 2007, according to a December report by the Government Accountability Office.

*Morgan Stanley boasted a whopping 273, Pfizer had 80, Cisco Systems had 38, Goldman Sachs had 29, Aetna had eight, General Dynamics had five, and Time Warner had four. The companies, which have billions in federal contract obligations, have given over $178,000 to Collins' 2010 reelection campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Ed Mierzwinski of U.S. PIRG, for one, doesn't buy the Chamber's argument that this is about the sanctity of foreign trade agreements.

"In Washington, the Big Lie works," wrote Mierzwinski in a blog post. "You make a claim that is so outrageous, no one will think you are making it up. In this case, the U.S. Chamber is claiming that unless we encourage offshore tax cheats by widening a loophole that encourages companies to set up a chair on the beach of a tax haven country and call it your headquarters, we will be in violation of our treaties and other trade agreements."

Con't-Huffington Post

Thanks to ToniD.. :)


Why don't the asshat Corporate Funded teabaggers,teabag the Senate Appropriations Committee & Sen.Susan Collins-R ?

"It could happen"..

Maybe,if the teabaggers weren't such a hypocritical assclowned bunch,Judy.. ;)

Astroturf & The Corporate Funding of teabagging assclowns:

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FBI Veteran Executive Calls For Special Counsel Investigation, Prosecutions in Sibel Edmonds Case

By Brad Friedman on 10/5/2009

Details panic inside the Bureau, executive effort to 'keep this whole thing quiet' when matter first came to light in 2002
Further confirms FBI translator/whistleblower's allegations, credibility...

An 18-year Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Manager for the FBI has called for a Special Counsel to be appointed to investigate the allegations of FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. John M. Cole, who now works as an intelligence contractor for the Air Force, made his comments during an audio interview released late last week with radio journalist Peter B. Collins.

He also offered a detailed insiders look at the concerns among high-level officials inside the Bureau as Edmonds disturbing allegations began coming to light back in 2002, before they would be quashed for seven long years by the Bush Administration's unprecedented use of the so-called "State Secrets Privilege" to gag her.


"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

Ass Clown..

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Next He'll Want to Take Our Precious Bodily Fluids !

h/t Larry

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

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Can you submit a comment on the White House comment page urging President Obama to say No to the Health Care Reform"trigger"?

MoveOn.Org * Action *

Recent news reports are saying that White House negotiators are considering a public option "trigger" in health care reform—a favorite idea of conservatives that would postpone the public health insurance option for years or eliminate it entirely.

We can't afford to wait for real health care reform.

Urge President Obama to say no to a public option "trigger," which would delay or eliminate entirely the public health insurance option.

Can you submit a comment on the White House comment page urging President Obama to say no to the Proposed Health Care"trigger"?

Click here to submit your comment:

Thank you..

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

My comment..

Dear President Obama,

Just Say No To the "Trigger" in Health Care Reform !

The "trigger" is a trap to kill health care reform.

Even if the "trigger" conditions are met years from now, big insurance companies will start the fight all over again to stop the public option from going into effect.

We voted for you because we thought you would bring the country Real Change,NOT the same Old Politics .

You already are part of The NO Accountability For Government Crimes Side..

We don't want you to look in the mirror soon and see Bush Jr.there
looking back at you..

So,Please fight these Obstructionist Republicans and Blue Dogs and give us a Strong and Robust Public Health Care Option !

Thank you,M..
A Democrat for now..But,will definitely change to a Independent if there
is Not A Strong Public Option in this Health Reform Bill.

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Now Maria..How Big would you say the Conflict of Interest is

between you & your boyfriend,former Citigroup Executive Todd Thomson ?

CNBC's Bartiromo Irks Professors Over Citigroup Ties (Update6)

By Justin Baer and Michael White

Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- The fallout from Citigroup Inc.'s ouster of executive Todd Thomson over his relationship with CNBC television anchor Maria Bartiromo is spilling into the profession of journalism, where professors don't like what they see.

Bartiromo traveled from Asia on Citigroup's private jet last year after Thomson, who headed the company's brokerage and private bank, bumped Citigroup executives from the flight, said a person with knowledge of the matter. Thomson approved a $5 million sponsorship for a television series Bartiromo was to co- anchor. She also was named to the Leadership Advisory Board that Thomson founded at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia.

Thomson was interviewed by Bartiromo at least three times, including once since she joined the Wharton board. That gives the public reason to question whether they're getting objective reporting, said Bob Steele, who teaches journalism ethics at Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida.

``To say these are personnel matters and shouldn't be talked about publicly would be disingenuous when journalism itself is all about shining the light of scrutiny on powerful people,'' said Steele. ``It's essential that she and CNBC address these issues.''



Thanks 60th for the Article.. :)

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."