Friday, June 20, 2008

Congresswoman Davis,(Part Deux,FISA)

Please Vote No On New FISA Bill !

You may have heard already that Republicans and Democrats in the House have reached what they're calling a "compromise" bill on FISA reform.

But it's not a compromise. It's a cop-out.

Congress had a chance to stand up for our rights -- and for the Constitution -- and deny immunity to telecommunications companies that may have helped the Bush administration spy on Americans without warrants.

They had a chance -- but this "compromise" doesn't do it.

The bill -- which the House may vote on as early as today -- ties the hands of the district courts on the question of immunity. It fails to guarantee individualized warrants. And it puts all of this and more on the books through 2012 -- the tail end of the next administration.

Please Uphold The Constitution !

Please Uphold The Rule Of Law !

We Can Protect Our Country Without Breaking The Law !

Remember the old saying,

Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time !

What? Does this only Count for Regular Americans and Not Our Elected Officials ? ?

Please Vote No On The New FISA Bill !

Thank you,M.

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