Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The long slow process of undoing the ugliness can begin

Is that too much to ask ? Hell No !

If we had any Democrat Leaders who weren't scared of their own shadows it wouldn't have gotten this bad..

Jeebus,I hope alot of them get replaced with Better Democrats..

Pelosi,Reid,Conyers and Leahy..The usual suspects..

No backbone,weak leadership..
Just letting the fascists do what they want..When they want..

Hell,they should be having Impeachment Hearings right now
especially after the latest news that The NSA was wiretapping everyday Americans,Aid Workers and the Military !

Bush Lied Again About This..Kick His Fascists Ass Out Of Office !

But no..The Democrats will wait and give the Rethugs a chance to steal the elections again..

What rule of Law ? It makes me sick..Pathetic !

Impeach !


Thanks Mire for the title.. :)

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