Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Another Unanswered Letter To Pelosi !

Speaker Pelosi.

Needless wars
Staggering corruption
Illegal wiretaps
Secret prisons

Gee,None Of Those Above Warranted Impeachment ?

Do The Republicans Have Something On You ?

You Have Rationalized Them All..

How ?

You Have Not Upheld The Constitution !

You Have Not Upheld The Rule Of Law !

"Impeachment Is Off The Table"..

You Should Be Impeached With Bush & Cheney !

Since That Won't Happen Unfortunately,

I'll Just Keep Donating To Cindy Sheehan's Campaign and Hope She Beats You !

Because You Have NOT Done The Job You Swore To Do !

Or,Do Us All A Favor and Retire !

Thank you,M..A Very Disappointed Democrat..


  1. Good for you. Cindy Sheehan represents the values of the Democratic Party, not a corrupt, racist, heterosexist, war mongering Bush Republican like Pelosi.

  2. Np libhom..

    Pelosi is just another DINO,unfortunately..