Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brokaw Biased as Usual !

Accusing Obama of not having military expertise to Powell.

Where the hell was Bush Jr's. Military Experience ?

.....And,Why Didn't You Mention He Had Next To None ?

....And,Therefore Your Assertion Is Biased As Usual Toward The Republicans !

McCain's Your Buddy Isn't He ?

Who's buttering your bread Brokaw ?

And,I Use To Like You..Many Moons Ago..

Whatever Happened To Unbiased News Reporting ?

Oh yea,Consolidation Of The News Media..The M$M !

Most Of The Time The M$M Is Just A Infomercial For The Republican Party !

It's Sickening !

And,Not What Our Founding Fathers Would Have Endorsed !

Hopefully,That Will Start Changing Soon After This Next Election..

If Not,Our Country Will Keep Slipping Into Corporate Fascism !

Something Else Our Founding Fathers Would Not Have Approved Of !

Thank you,M.

Thanks MB.. :)

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