Saturday, October 18, 2008

ACLU Demands NSA And DOJ Turn Over Spying Policy Records

Recent Revelations Suggest There Are No Adequate Safeguards In Place To Protect Innocent Americans From Invasive Surveillance.

*The ACLU FOIA requests ask the NSA and the Justice Department to produce:

• Any and all legal memoranda, procedures, policies, directives, practices, guidance or guidelines created between 1993 and the present pertaining to the acquisition, processing, analysis, retention, storage or dissemination of Americans' communications – whether targeted for interception or incidentally intercepted – during the course of NSA surveillance activities conducted inside or outside the United States; and

• Any and all records created between September 2001 and the present concerning complaints about, investigations of, or disciplinary actions related to the NSA's monitoring of U.S. communications.


Surveilance Gone Amok(ACLU)

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