Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rahm to negotiate for WH in Conference! If you wanna kill the PO you gotta do it yourself

by MinistryOfTruth -

Rahm to negotiate for WH in Conference! If you wanna kill the PO you gotta do it yourself

Wed Oct 07, 2009 at 05:50:20 AM PDT

you missed the last two nights of Countdown with Keith Olbermann you missed a lot of new details in the Health care Reform debate, and I don't want to sound bleak, but things do not look good. The main points are these.

Wendel Potter: "If there's not a public option, the plan that is passed, if it's passed and signed by the President, will not be sustainable. And it ultimately will be a disaster for the middle class and ultimately be a disaster for the Democratic party . . .


"We'll be paying a lot more out of our own pockets. We'll have the appearance of being able to afford premiums but we won't be able to afford health care. That can not be sustained."

You can watch the video here
(Sorry but,you have to scroll on the video's and look for Wendel Potter..)

And then there is the news that Rahm Emanuel will be representing the White House in the presumably upcoming Houuse-Senate Conference committee. Thus the title "If you wanna kill the (Public Option) you gotta do it yourself.

More below the fold, and it ain't pretty, with a call for action that puts it all on the line.

MinistryOfTruth's diary :: :: With Rahm "Anything that looks like a win is a win" Emanuel in charge we are totally screwed unless we get a triggerless Public Option out of the Senate before Conference. This means we have to pressure the Senate with everything we have got in order to make sure the give us Competition instead of force feeding us to the monopolies that caused this whole disaster.

Sadly, that isn't the worst news, nor is the news brought to us by Mr. Potter.

From Mad As Hell Doctors comes this disheartening truth from Paul Hochfeld, who reported the following on Monday Night's edition of Countdown.

Hochfeld: "The public plan option that we are gonna get from this Congress, since it's basically written by the industry, using our legislators, is designed to fail, it's designed to attract the sickest, most expensive patients, and that's called adverse selection, and adverse selection is the death knell to any insurance company, and the public plan is just another insurance company."
"So, after it comes online in 2013 and it starts to fail in 2016, at which point we're spending, what, 20% of our GNP on health care, the industry's going to look at this designed to fail public option and say "See, the Government can't do health care". And it'll be the wrong lesson. The Government CAN do health care . . . "

Con't - And,with Video

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