Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can you submit a comment on the White House comment page urging President Obama to say No to the Health Care Reform"trigger"?

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Recent news reports are saying that White House negotiators are considering a public option "trigger" in health care reform—a favorite idea of conservatives that would postpone the public health insurance option for years or eliminate it entirely.

We can't afford to wait for real health care reform.

Urge President Obama to say no to a public option "trigger," which would delay or eliminate entirely the public health insurance option.

Can you submit a comment on the White House comment page urging President Obama to say no to the Proposed Health Care"trigger"?

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Thank you..

"Hello to our friends and fans in domestic surveillance."

My comment..

Dear President Obama,

Just Say No To the "Trigger" in Health Care Reform !

The "trigger" is a trap to kill health care reform.

Even if the "trigger" conditions are met years from now, big insurance companies will start the fight all over again to stop the public option from going into effect.

We voted for you because we thought you would bring the country Real Change,NOT the same Old Politics .

You already are part of The NO Accountability For Government Crimes Side..

We don't want you to look in the mirror soon and see Bush Jr.there
looking back at you..

So,Please fight these Obstructionist Republicans and Blue Dogs and give us a Strong and Robust Public Health Care Option !

Thank you,M..
A Democrat for now..But,will definitely change to a Independent if there
is Not A Strong Public Option in this Health Reform Bill.


  1. Thanks MMR.

    Good site. Treebu & I blog from here: A bit political; a bit eclectic.

    Hey! T&I saw Maron on the upper westside of NYC last night and then got a chance to schmooze a bit at the bar with him before we left. Life is fun.

    Anyway, here's what I just wrote to the prez:

    Dear President Obama,

    We support you in your successes; thank you. We think these successes derive from your ambitious goals for improving the lot of US citizens.

    You have written of "audacity," and we need that audacity now. Some people are in the poorhouse thanks to the profit-oriented exigencies of a the insurance industry that has embedded itself so deeply in citizens' life-or-death possibilities.

    We would readily pay more taxes if it meant relief from overwhelming insurance premiums that seem to pay principally for nothing but the salaries and reward bonuses of those whose workdays consist in figuring out how not to pay for the medical care that keeps us alive and healthy, even after we've paid off the medical bills not reimbursed thanks to ballooning "deductibles."

    Hence, we need single-payer taxpayer-sponsored government health care in the USA, and this is within the grasp of your audacious reach we have so applauded.

    As for me, it's time to go to the kitchen and make breakfast for the family. I'll be breaking some eggs.

    You know the metaphor. We'd be pleased if you confronted the congressmembers of both parties who are on the take thanks to insurance company lobbyists. We sometimes wonder if you yourself are on the take too.


    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    John Ellsworth

    It really is time for me to go swear at the stove - breakfast. Hope life is being fun for you.

    - ellwort

  2. Thanks ellwort..
    I went through NYC when I was about 3 1/2..My family & I were moving from CA..
    One day I'll get back there..
    Must be fun..
    Schmoozing with The Maron..Very cool..

    I liked your letter to Obama,alot..
    Thanks for posting it here..

    This country can be so strange..
    Common sense isn't worth much,alot of the time..Very sad..