Saturday, August 2, 2008

Speaker Pelosi,Reality Check Time..

Reality Check Time..

Impeachment Hearings Are the Appropriate and Necessary Next Step

Friday 25 July 2008
by: John Nichols, The Nation

US Representatives Maurice Hinchey (left) and Dennis Kucinich (right) came to Capitol Hill Friday to testify before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the George W. Bush presidency. The hearing was on "Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitation."

It was that sense of urgency that motivated committee member Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, to say explain that, "What this Congress does, or chooses not to do in furthering the investigation of the serious allegations against this administration - and if just cause is found, to hold them accountable - will impact the conduct of future presidents, perhaps for generations."

"Mr. Chairman," Baldwin continued, "there are those who would say that holding this hearing - examining whether or not the president and vice president broke the law - is frivolous. I not only reject this, I believe there is no task more important for this Congress than to seriously consider whether our nation's leaders have violated their oath of office. The American public expects no less. It is, after all, their Constitution. No president or congress has the authority to override that document, whereby ëWe the People' conferred upon the branches of government limited and defined power, and provided for meaningful checks and balances."

Now THAT'S quotable. I hope Congresswoman Baldwin got a soundbite on the news shows. NO?

Well then, shout it from the rooftops:

"[of the]Constitution. No president or congress has the authority to override that document...."

When Nancy Pelosi says she sees no evidence of lawbreaking(so that means also she will approve no process whereby that evidence can come forward, be put to the test, and be verified?!). like Bush/Cheney, she TOO is is PRETENDING she "has the authority to override" the Constitution!!

Pelosi has NO Authority to do what she is doing; she has no authority (I don't care if she is third in line for succession) to be UNITARY THIRD IN-LINE!!

M..A Very Concerned Democrat..

Thanks Nora.. :)

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