Friday, April 6, 2012

Subject: killing Medicare and Social Security



Under W. the Reps tried to "privatize" Social Security, and they are similarly trying to privatize Medicare
(see the Ryan "budget"). You might wonder why; the total amount of money is not large by Wall Street standards.

The Supreme Court debate on Obamacare gives us a clue. If Social Security and Medicare are privatized,
the government will be creating a mandate on how people spend their money (how much needs to be invested,
how much needs to be put towards retirement, etc.), and given control of the collection process to a private industry.

In front of the Supreme Court, GOP attorneys are claiming Obamacare is unconstitutional because it is a government
mandate on how people spend their money, with the collection process delegated to a private industry.

So they believe that, if they can get these programs privatized, they can completely eliminate them!
That's been a goal of the far right since 1935 (for Social Security) and 1965 (for Medicare).

Thurs-Friday, April 5-6, 2012


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