Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Party of George W. Bush

Yes, but unfortunately, and as is expected, the true believers are angry at Obama
for increasing the deficit, when they hardly even cared when Dubya was doing it.

I guess it's OK to borrow money to wage wars. It's only a problem if you want to
create jobs, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and other Commie ideas like that.


And if the Democrats would point that out - how could they ever lose an election?

Bush CHOSE to invade Iraq so he could steal their oil and the Democrats laid down.
Obama CHOSE to stop Bush's job hemorrhage and the Fascist dogs attacked him for it.

If Joe Six Pack had any idea what the GOP did to him he'd be furious as hell
but as long as the Dems refuse to speak it, the only truth people hear is from the cable whores,
the talk radio Nazis and the NYWTimes/WaHoPo, pro-GOP whore media.

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