Friday, July 11, 2008

Responding to Senator Obama's email(Concerning FISA,of Course)

Senator Obama,

I'm responding to your email to me concerning your FISA Bill vote..

Sorry but,your wrong !
We can protect Our country without giving away the 4th amendment !
Many people in this country,including myself remember when you said you would filibuster The FISA Bill.. What happened ?
What you did was Purely Political and you and I know it..
I'm Very Disappointed in you FISA vote..
I wanted to contribute to your campaign but,
I will Not contribute to your Presidential Campaign because of your FISA vote..
I'll probably vote for you..Can't vote for McSame..Don't want 2 to 3 more Scalia's in The Supreme Court !
But,I might vote for a 3rd party candidate..
You've let very many of us down..

I do hope you pick John Edwards for your VP..
Why Can't You Folks In Congress
Uphold The Constitution !
Uphold The Rule Of Law !
Impeach Bush & Cheney !
It's a National disgrace there Haven't Even been Congressional hearings concerning Bush & Cheney's Law Breaking !

All you and other Democrats who voted like you are doing,
is saying it's ok to break the law !
The Republicans are just too Corporately corrupt to care..
Like I said before..Our government can protect our country without breaking the law..
Heck if our government had listened to a couple FBI agents who were doing their job before 9/11
we might not be in this mess !And,thousands of people wouldn't have died that day..

Thank you..Take care,M..A concerned Democrat..

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