Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hey Bart..


I am extremely disappointed in Obama. Jailing pot smokers. Drones. Still no Habeas Corpus. And on and on.
But I'd have to be an idiot not to recognize that perhaps as many as three Supreme Court justices will retire.
And I'm married to a woman and have many friends who are women.
The GOP is trying to disenfranchise women even to the point of redifining rape.

I have friends and relatives who are gay. The GOP wants them to wear their purple triangles.
And the GOP policies are turning the middle class into the poor class while doing their best to criminalize being poor.
And Mitt Romney is one of the guilty corporateers who is destroying and shipping jobs overseas.
So, I am taking a deep breath, holding my nose and voting for Obama and voting against all Republicans and their pet issues.
It is not only the correct thing to do, but a matter of survival as well.
Mick from Darkest Arizona


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