Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Oh just groovy..Now I guess it's only discussions about Saturday Morning Cartoons (Except The Coyote,Ofcourse)..Sad..As the Great Yogi Berra once said 'It's 1984 All Over Again'..

And,I guess no more long winded essays by Crank..       ;-)


Avoid these words to prevent Homeland Security from spying on your social networks

By Tecca | Today in Tech




  1. Crap. I have an unhappy feeling that the Google has forced me to take such a convoluted course before allowing me to submit a comment, that it may well have ended up under the wrong post.

    Bad, bad, bad Google! :(

    I'm pretty sure you'll know what I meant anyway. See you latter, MMRules.

  2. Gotcha Cat Chew..Thx for comment.. :)