Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Have the Right to Protest..So WTF ?

-- why are the police arresting them?


In cities and towns across the country, 1,500 American citizens have been put in cuffs in the
first month of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While a small handful of them have been
charged with various acts of mayhem, the vast majority were peacefully demonstrating.

They were arrested for not complying with orders to disperse, or for refusing to tear down
the encampments that have come to symbolize the movement. We have a right to peacefully
assemble and protest in this country, so what gives?

On its face, “occupying” public space should be guaranteed under the First Amendment.


*Too bad there are no Democratic lawyers in America.
Too bad they can't go to a judge and get an order barring the cops from arresting peaceful people.

Remember the Bush bastards f-ing arrested people with anti-Bush t-shirts?

Why don't the Democrats fight back?
Why can't the Democrats think?

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*I know the Police are just doing as they are told,for the most part,but with no right to protest we might as well just call ourselves "The Banana Republic of America"..


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