Sunday, December 5, 2010

Please Support This Petition !

We Need Jobs, NOT Tax Cuts For The Top 2% or A BS Deficit Commission !

Just Read Some Economic History, Let's Say Covering The Years 1928 thru 1934 or so..
..Economic Stimulus Creates Jobs,Which In Turn Creates Tax Revenues,Which In Turn Reduces Our Deficit..
This Isn't Rocket Science People..

The Right Wing Is Just Trying To Put Through Programs That Won't Work and,Still Are Practicing Obstructionism,So They Can Blame Pres.Obama & The Democrats For Their Economic Failures Starting Back With Bushtard..
Remember,The Repubs Believe In The Repub Party First,Country 3rd or 4th..

Now If We Can Just Get The Democrats To Show Some Much Needed Backbone,More Jobs Will Start Being Created..

But,We Need To Keep Letting The Democrats Know That They Need To FIGHT, NOT Lay Down On A Real Jobs & Economic Stimulus Program !
One That History Has Proved Will Work !

Thank you..


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