Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hold BP, Halliburton and TransOcean Fully Responsible For The Gulf Oil Catastrophe !


The President offered the excuse the other day that the reason why
there was inadequate environmental vetting for what has become the
Deepwater Horizon oil disaster was that a provision of law had passed
which only permitted 30 days for such a review, making it a practical
impossibility. Of course, that is precisely why corporate lobbyists
for the oil industry inserted into law this crippling of any
attempted regulatory oversight in the first place.

So too with the liability limitation of million on corporate
responsibility for wreaking havoc on our environment. Again, this was
just another corporate irresponsibility safety valve, so they would
not have to even concern themselves about putting all the rest of us
in grave danger. And so they did. It is even being reported that
Transocean made a whopping $270 million profit on the destruction of
their over-insured drilling rig.

Each and every one of these corporate "get out of jail and liability
free" cards must be immediately rescinded, starting with passage of
the "Big Oil Bailout Prevention Liability Act of 2010", S. 3305.
Republican Senators like Murkowski (from Alaska, home of Exxon
Valdez) actually had the gall to argue that "smaller" oil companies
should not be held liable at all for destroying our planet.

Hold Oil Companies Accountable action page:


Just some words of wisdom I added on my petition
to my Senators,Rep. & President Obama..

You Guy's Haven't Held Anyone Accountable For Anything In Wash.D.C. For Quite Awhile..

Your Not Exactly The Rule Of Law Government,Anymore..

But,If You Guys Ever Wanted To Get Off Your Rear Ends And Start Holding Someone Accountable For The Wrong Doing They Have Done,Beside Yourselves Of course,BP Should Be On Your Radar Big Time !

Please Don't Make The Tax Payers Pay For Everything Again..Fight BP..

And,Put Some Damn Regulation Back On The Energy Companies !
Don't You Folks Know What The Word Regulation Means ?
You Had Me Fooled..

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