Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turning reality, truth inside out

Last week, Bush said the Middle East is a freer, more hopeful place today than when he took office.
He said the threat from terrorist groups like al Qaeda has been curtailed and that Iran faces greater
pressure from the international community than ever before. Mr. Bush described his Mideast policies
as 'ambitious in vision, bold in action and firm in purpose.'...

Bush's vision may have been ambitious and his plan bold, but history will record that he utterly failed to meet
those objectives. He emboldened America's enemies, put Israel's security at greater risk, mired our military in
an endless occupation and diminished our prestige around the globe. No pixie dust can change that reality."

But the whore media will back him up.
The newspapers and the networks write the first draft of history.
History will say Clinton was one scandal after another and that Bush protected us from al Qaeda.

Owning the whore media gives the Republicans a tremendous advantage.

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