Monday, September 22, 2008

Weak Kneed Democrats vs Ralph Nader

For good or bad they were elected by the electorate..

Ralph Nader hasn't been elected to squat !

He just rolls out of he's hermetically sealed cave
every 4 years..

The only way you can intact legislation is to be in the game..

Congress or Senate..Locally or Federally..

It's like some guy who every 4 years goes to Vegas to the Craps Table..
He bets everything on 1 roll..And,everytime he losses..

Then goes back to his hermetically sealed cave..

To return in 4 years..

Maybe just maybe, he can get it going at the State level first..I hope so..

He has some great ideas..But,you can't play if your not in the game..

Of course,we do need to elect better Democrats too !

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